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Frequently Asked Questions

Service Questions

How do I know if I need pest control?
The answer to this question is pretty simple. If you see just a few ants or just one mouse, those few ants or one mouse have a whole bunch of buddies lurking where you can't see them. If you have even a slightly visible problem then you have a problem. Left untreated, you could have a crisis.
Are your service methods environmentally safe?
We provide various pesticide and termiticide products. We have a full selection of "green" environmentally-safe products that we can use if requested.
I have a whole bunch of pests. Do you have a solution?
If you have a feeling one treatment isn't enough to keep your house pest free, we offer a couple of different options.
How long do I have to leave the premises?
Because we use low toxicity chemicals, you can usually stay home during the treatment. Flea treatments require you to leave for 2-3 hours. Roaches, ants, mice, termites, and just about everything else can be taken care of while you're relaxing on the living room couch.
What about pets and children?
Children need to leave during the treatment and may return 2-3 hours after completion. We ask that during treatments, you either put your pets in a room that is not being treated or remove them from the structure until the materials we have used are dry. Fish tanks need to be covered.
Do the chemicals you use have a real bad odor?
Another great benefit of low toxicity chemicals is virtually odorless pest control. No longer do you need to be reminded that you received extermination by a nasty, lingering odor.
Do you guarantee your work?
We stand behind all of our work. Should any problems arise within a reasonable amount of time after the completion of the job, we will return for no extra charge, completely hassle-free.
How long will the chemicals last?
There are many different times on various products, but the average is 30-90 days.
How often should we treat our home?
We have various service frequencies to protect your home but recommend no less than every quarter.
What is the Exterior Perimeter Service?
We know that 90% of pests that inhabit the interior of your home originate from the exterior so we have now introduced our Exterior Perimeter Service (EPS) for general pests. This service involves four quarterly perimeter services that include treatment of house perimeter plus all other harbourages of pests on your property. If there are problems inside during the year after our initial service then we will treat your home at no additional cost to yourself.
How will rain effect outside services?
Many products applied outdoors are formulated to bond with the soil so as not to be effected by rain. Some granular products are water activated.

Pest-Related Questions

How can I keep fleas and ticks off my pets?
By routine washing and dipping of pets. Preventative applications in the year for fleas and ticks. Also, for ticks have shrubbery trimmed back and having perimeter treatments.
How long do termites have to be in my house before they cause damage?
All that termites ingest is cellulose materials such as wood, so as soon as termites enter your home, they will begin to cause damage.
There are termites in my mulch, trees etc. Will they enter my home?
If you have not had a termite treatment to your home, it is cause to worry. Without protection in place, termites can enter your structure.
Why do ants enter into my kitchen so much and how can they be stopped?
They enter your home to forage for food and water, particularly in dry times. Finding their sources of entry and using proper baiting is the best solution.
If I hear noises in my attic, what could it be?
It is usually rodents, however, at various times of the year it could be other wildlife. Trapping, baiting and exclusion are usually needed.

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